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$20 per unit cleaningWe are advisable to keep the air conditioner fully repaired and functional at all costs. However, this might not be possible since air conditioners do malfunction making the air that comes out not as cold as expected. As a Soon Huat Airconditioning Pte Ltd, we have comprehensive aircon servicing in Singapore to restore your air conditioner to its optimal capability. Our services include:

General Aircon Servicing

We do conduct chemical aircon servicing of the indoor fan coil which acts as a blower for distribution of cold air in a room. In case this coil does not distribute cold air the way it used to do, our technicians are very experienced and skilled to check and repair the air filters, deodorize the purifying filter, clean and check the indoor evaporator coil, check fan bearing and lubricate as well as repair the suction system and discharge pressure.

We also do chemical aircon servicing of the outdoor condenser to make sure that it generates cold air as required. After the repair we guarantee our clients a healthier and cleaner air, a lengthened lifespan and reduction in electrical consumption. Moreover, we do also clear the drainage piping to make sure that water that is condensed is effectively discharged to minimize leakages.

Chemical Wash and Overhaul

We usually conduct chemical wash of the aircon which involves thorough overhaul of the conditioning system whenever general servicing does not work. We use the appropriate chemicals to get rid of dead bacteria that lead to foul smell in the air generated. It involves various measures such as:

  • Chemical vacuum of the drainage system
  • Charging in of the refrigerant
  • Checking of thermostats and control system
  • Chemical washing of fan coil units
  • Test and commission of the aircon system
  • Air conditioner repair and installation

As a company, we do offer long lasting, affordable and high quality repair and installation of air conditioning services which do not malfunction in the short run. Our expertise, experience and capacity are beyond reasonable doubt and we guarantee all our clients with excellent services.

We also sell second hand air conditioners at affordable prices with maximum cooling capacity. They are in optimal condition and do not require maintenance so often. They consume less energy and have a long lifespan.

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